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Rotating Glass

This is a unique high quality crystal glass,
which can spin on the table.


unique glass


Аt first blush, the rotation of the glass seems incredible and difficult to understand.

But in reality, this "phenomenon" is as simple as the rotation of a wheel. You just take a glass (empty or with a drink inside), put it on the table and rotate the glass with a light movement of your hand ... and something amazing happens: the glass rotates on the table right in front of our eyes.

Global brand

Made in Germany










HOW does it spin

Specially designed shape of the bottom — the patented invention

The shape of the bottom of the Shtox glass is specially designed and manufactured to allow it to spin on any hard flat surface.

The unique design of the bottom of the glass is protected by international invention patent.

The bottom of each glass is hand crafted at the factory.

why does it spin

Add some
happy emotions
to your life!

By rotating the glasses, mysterious moving lines create mesmerizing visual effects resembling flowing water, flickering flames, twinkling stars

By spinnig the drink you can admire the glittering highlights and pleasant aroma in a glass as special as your drink.

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award winner

Winner of the
RedDot design
award in 2009

The spinning glass Shtox was recognized for its unique design in 2009 and awarded the RedDot design award, one of the most prestigious design awards in the world.



The pure crystal

The high-quality crystal, from which the Shtox glasses are produced by Nachtmann factory in Germany,
gives them an exclusive and aristocratic elegance.

#1 Country of origin Germany
#2 Factory Nachtmann
#3 Material Crystal
#4 Produced Hand-crafted


Shtox - a perfect

The Shtox glass is a great gift for any man — a friend, husband, father, colleague — because it carries the energy of motion and the warmth of the hands of experienced craftsmen of the oldest crystal factory in Europe.

It's quite a distinguished gift, and good way to express respect to the recipient, but it is affordable.



Original gift box

The crystal Shtox glass is made in the "old fashion" form. It's not only a wonderful glass for whiskey, but also for brandy, cocktails or any other drink.

Each Shtox glass attractively packaged in the cylinder box with high-quality paper and silver gilt lettering.


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