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Corporate gifts

A corporate gift is a prototype of your company, a worthy completion to business meetings, negotiations and other important events in the life of the corporation. As a rule, it’s a high quality and specialty item capable of decorating your work desk as well as home decor. We confidently offer the crystal glass Shtox as a corporate gift, which has been bought by numerous respectable corporations and foreign companies. It is expensive enough to be appreciated as a sign of respect, and at the same time, it’s price makes it affordable to buy in large quantities. And most importantly, we have an unlimited amount of the sensational glass Shtox available.

Corporate gifts are usually presented to business partners, thus emphasizing the solidity of your company and its ability to spend money on advertising and presentation. This is an allusion to the fact that the company is able to spend on gifts, stands firmly on its feet, and would be a good effective partner in the development of further relations.

Corporate gifts are an essential attribute to corporate holidays. Good expensive gifts inspire team members confidence in the future, and pride for the success of the enterprise. At the same time, they should not be meaningless or useless, and should not cause emotional irritation (“better to give money...”). The joy of acquiring good and beautiful things, and the knowledge that your contribution is appreciated, this is the desired effect of corporate gifts.

The Shtox whiskey glass is a great way to please and thank your colleagues and business partners. And if the spinning glass on the table is immediately filled with a welcome drink, the effect of this gift will triple and will be appreciated to the fullest.

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