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Creative present

A creative gift is one that reveals the creative abilities of a person, and is characterized by a willingness to create fundamentally new ideas. Creativity is a Latin term meaning creation or to create from nothing.

A creative gift is different from others because it brings together ideas that were previously unconnected. The Shtox whiskey glass fully corresponds to this definition. A rotating glass is surprising, fascinating and at the same time shocking. And if it is presented in combination with a bottle of good whiskey, this gift could be used immediately and on holidays, where it would attract the attention of others and be remembered for a long time. This gift will turn into an interesting performance, and the presenter will become the center of attention in the company. Everyone will say, “What a wonderful, very creative gift!” And this is exactly why you chose such a gift, isn’t it?

Our creativity exists side by side with the preconception that creativity is the destiny of the chosen ones. It’s not easy to make the right choice, but Shtox was created specially to solve this problem. You’ve found the Shtox whiskey glass while searching for a creative gift and it is the perfect solution.

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