Why does it spin?

We can watch a stream of flowing water, a flickering flames in a fireplace for a long time. Similar phenomena unwittingly attracts people's attention. In the same way the Shtox glass catches the eye, enchanting and delighting observers. The exquisite rotation and mysterious movement of relief lines dazzles people.

Being in a bar or a restaurant, talking with each other, people enjoy their favorite drinks. Connoisseurs of the noble beverage can afford a moment of peace and do not consume their drink in one gulp, and consciously try and enjoy it, drop by drop. But people usually shake or twirl their glasses with their drinks.

By spinning the drink you can admire the glittering highlights and pleasant aroma in a glass as special as your drink. Rotating at the table, a Shtox glass pleases the connoisseurs with something marvellous to watch.