How was it invented?

A few words from Evgeny Bushkovsky – the businessman and designer who invented the Shtox glass:

I like to go out to bars and restaurants, meet my friends, and savour my favourite drink whisky. Sitting at the bar, watching people, i often noticed that many people casually feedged and turn their glasses as they drink. However,  I always pointed out that people are trying to twist their glasses, which can not spin, that was the genesis of the Shtox glass. I had an idea: could i invent a glass, which could actually spin on the table, delighting the drinkers.

I made the first prototype by attaching something to the bottom of an ordinary manufactured glass, it surprised and amazed all my friends.Than i spent a lot of time and effort obtaining an invention patent and finding a manufacturer who could bring the idea to fruition with the finished product.  The production costs of these glasses were quite high, because it requiers manual labour and precision machining of the bottom of each glass. To justify the high cost of the glasses I resolved to search  for international recognition of my idea. I entered a Shtox glass in the Red Dot competition. The novelty of the Shtox Glass was recognised by an international jury and it won the Red Dot Design Award in 2009.