Exclusive gifts for men

Exclusive means exceptional. It’s pleasant to realize that your gifts represent exclusive things, and that each friend, boss or anyone celebrating something will receive these gifts from you. That you had the presence of mind to chose this gift.

The exclusivity of your gift lies in the fact that your gift is unusual. It would seem that you’re giving an ordinary glass, but the glass is not just unusual, it’s unique. It’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it is not just a glass, but a glass that was made according to special technology, allowing it to rotate on its axis, thus attracting stares of fascination.

Imagine an evening by the fireplace, the quiet crackling of wood, you’re sitting in a leather chair holding a crystal glass of whiskey, from which the delicate and fragrant aroma spreads throughout the room, warming not only your body but also your soul. You are aware of yourself as an important man, an exclusive man, because you are the owner of an absolutely sensational glass. We recommend the Shtox glass, a truly exclusive gift!