Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg is poised to make its mark as the city’s true luxury hotel. 

Just two blocks from the Winter Palace and Hermitage Museum, the House with the Lions began life as the palace of Princess Lobanova-Rostovskaya in 1820. Its distinctive triangular layout adjoins St. Isaac’s Square, home to the famous St. Isaac’s Cathedral, designed by the same architect – Auguste de Montferrand.  The palace has been carefully restored, and boasts several heritage protected areas, including stunning granite grand staircase. 
Dining in the hotel is led by Michelin-starred Executive Chef Andrea Accordi. Percorso, restaurant of authentic Italian cuisine, features the show kitchen and great wine collection. Sintoho, Asian restaurant, derives its name from the cities of Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong. The restaurant features a sushi-bar and a dining room with a teppanyaki table – the only one in St. Petersburg.
Xander Bar, named after Russian Tsar Alexander I, boasts a double-faced fire place and amazing views. The walnut-faced walls convey a warm, welcoming atmosphere, further enhanced by the live fire.