Article No.: 001/B

SHTOX is a unique glass that can rotate on the table due to the specially designed bottom of the glass, which is a patented invention.
The SHTOX BAR line is designed specially for bars, restaurants, hotels and other companies in the Horeca industry. SHTOX BAR glasses are made of crystallite, a material similar to crystal but not containing lead oxide. SHTOX BAR glasses are manufactured under patented legislation specially for Shtox Production in Bohemia, Check Republic. 
Article No.: 008/B Article No.: 008/B
SHTOX BAR glasses are supplied without individual packaging and are not recommended for retail.
H: 100 mm
D: 83 mm
Volume: 300 ml
Package 6 units:
H: 120 mm 
W: 180 mm
L: 270 mm
Package 24 units:
H: 265 mm 
W: 285 mm
L: 375 mm