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Business gift

In the business world, as in everyday life, it is custom to give gifts with the company’s trademark or the company’s packaging. That is a “business gift.”

However, it is necessary to know that the gift should be tactful, as there are strict rules for business gifts that have been established over many years. According to etiquette, at the first meeting the owners exchange gifts. It is important to present something that an arriving business partner will view as a sign that he is considered an honored client and guest. The Shtox rotating glass is a great business gift. It will be remembered for a long time and will bring to mind pleasant thoughts about your company.

Soon New Year’s is approaching, or some other holiday, and naturally the question is, what to give? Usually we give our friends and family gifts from the heart, but for work colleagues and business partners just be it’s necessary. But in actuality, we often make the mistake of giving completely unneeded gifts. It’s terrible if a business gift is some small item bought along the road at a kiosk. This kind of gift does not catch your attention, and maybe even cause irritation and anger.

The Shtox spinning glass is an excellent choice for a business gift. With the printed logo of your company it will attract attention to itself, and consequently to your brand, during corporate parties and private meetings.

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