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VIP gift for men

This is for the guest or client which is especially important to the company. Many things can depend on the mood of V.I.P. guests or clients, such as: good orders, the solution to pressing problems or the prospects of development. For V.I.P. clients special meetings are arranged, carefully and thoughtfully planned greetings, and special gifts are given.

What is the difference in VIP. gifts? First of all its uniqueness, originality and exclusivity. V.I.P. gifts are not sold in regular stores and they can not be seen in catalogues. A single execution and rarity, that’s what characterizes this category of gifts.

Let's not forget about the price. Initially it is assumed that a V.I.P. gift can not be cheap. At the same time the cost should not be shocking, as a very expensive gift may not be able to be accepted because it may compromise the value of the gift if the person holds a prominent position, and information about the gift were to fall into unfriendly hands.

We propose the Shtox rotating whiskey glass as a gift. Our completely unique spinning glass combines all the characteristics of a perfect V.I.P. gift.

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